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Friday, 31 March 2023

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Founded in 1966 by Helmut Wiedemann andGebude
is performed holder until today.
Electronics is one of the major producers of
custom electromechanical components,
PCB connectors and tools.
Among the current clients of the company
significant industrial companies, especially many
world's leading automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

In 2016 Ratioplast Electronics can a 50 year history
look back.



developing and producing since 1994 as an independent
Subsidiary Fiber Optic Technology
across industries for many industries.
As an established, high-performance partner, the company is
the fiber optic segment internationally.

Chronicle in figures:

  • 1966 Foundation by H. Wiedemann
  • 1984 Production start with connectors
  • 1994 Foundation Ratioplast-Optoelectronics
  • 1994 Production enlargement tooling
  • 1995 Establishment DIN ISO 9002
  • 1998 Enlargement construction /development
  • 2000 Establishment of DIN ISO 9001:2000
  • 2005 Completition and occupancy of the new company building
  • 2005 Establishment of TS 16949
  • 2008 Extension of production and office source
  • 2009 Family genarations change in business management
  • 2015 Construction extension for warehouse and logistics
  • 2016 Completition extension for warehouse and logistics

Our philosophy:
Only who really understands the
requirements and demands of his clients,

is able to develope innovative solutions for the future.

Ratioplast Electronics
H.Wiedemann GmbH
Jockweg 66
D-32312 Lübbecke
Phone: +49 5741 23661-0
Fax:     +49 5741 23661-20
Mail: info@ratioplast.de

Ratioplast-Optoelectronics GmbH

Jockweg 64
D-32312 Lübbecke
Phone: +49 5741 23665-0

Mail: opto@ratioplast.de