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Friday, 31 March 2023

plastic molding by Ratioplast

From design to production, we produce detailed high precission
plastic parts for automotive, medical, industrial and custom applications.

Profound knowledge processing and modern computer-controlled
injection molding machines are the foundation for our production
of small plastic parts.

The service range from the signing of toolings jup to serial production
of your demand.

Even complex small plastic parts of 0.1 grams can provide.

                    "Your demand is our philosophy"



Spritzguss Kraus Maffei   Spritzguss Arburg  Spritzguss Arburg 2

Kunststoffspritzerei    Kunststoffspritzen 





well positioned

Our machinery is constantly being expanded to meet the needs of the time and by regular maintenance
technically kept up to date. By 2016 finished production expansion was provided for future investments a good base.

Technical Equipment:

Krauss Maffei

max. mouting table:
until 420mm x 800mm

closing forces:
acc 100 tons

shot weight (volume):
0,1 acc. 100 Gramm


PBT Polybutylenterephthalat
PA4.6 Nylon
PA6 (Perlon)
PA6.6 (Nylon)
POM Polyoxymethylen
PC Polycarbonat

PE (Polyethylen)
LCP Liquid Crystal Polymer
TPE Thermoplastische Elastomere




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