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Friday, 31 March 2023

In the modern processing of electromechanical components the requirements are becoming ever higher.

As a result, the supply form of the components plays an increasingly important role with
regard to the possible further processing.
As a manufacturer of plug connectors, we are able to meet this challenge with suitable
packaging for the production of our products in the form of:Herstelleraufnahme Gurtmaschine

  • Bulk packing
  • Tubes
  • Tray`s
  • Reel`s

For the in-house production of Carrier tapes, we invested in appropriate equipment and know-how.
Thus Carrier tapes are optimally adapted to the characteristics of our products.

It is also possible to manufacture and fit the straps for the supplied products.

The components are inserted into the carrier straps on our semi-automatic systems.
For large series, there is the option of connecting to fully automated processes.

The Tools:

  • individual and flexible
  • adapted to the needs of the components

Many years of experience in the production of injection molds is the basis for the production of deep-drawing tools at Ratioplast.
The available resources in the mold construction allow quick access to the necessary components for the production and production
Maintenance of deep drawing molds.

Werkzeug mit BlistergurtExample:
Starting from article drawings for the product to be packaged,
We design and develop all necessary tools.
These tools guarantee compliance with the tolerance limits
For pocket position and dimensions.

This ensures a constant position of the components.
The lead time for a tool development up to the first delivery
Is about 10 to 12 weeks (including the production of the carrier tapes prototypes)

Our blister straps are made of polystyrene (PS).
They are available in antistatic (standard) or, if required, in conductive form.
The tapes reach a width of 12 to 72mmThe material thicknesses and
widths depend on the belt design, the cavities and the pocket depth,
As well as according to special customer requirements.










Our blister belts are manufactured according to the international standards DIN IEC 60286-3
These standards are different for special customer requirements.



Bestueckautomat Blistergurt Reel Verpackung



Cover tape
The matching cover foils are available in antistatic design (standard)
and in heat welding.

The component belts produced in our company are integrated into the processes according to
TS16949 and are subject to the same quality standard. This includes also final measurements
with respect to tensile strength and removal of the covering bands
from the carrier belt
(See photo on the right)


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