Standard and customised.

‘Customised’ is more than just a buzzword to us: it’s a philosophy that we practise day in, day out. This is because our products have to fit: they have to be precisely integrated in larger conductor systems and individual processes. We can only do this by looking very closely right from the outset at the project requirements, at the function chains in the process, and at the solution as a whole.

Examples of special plugs


with pick & place pad

Special plug

with 2 curved flat contacts

Modular plug

SMD upright

SMD special multipin connector

Double-row, with tabs and through-hole

Multipin connector

Single-row coded

Special multipin connector

with two curved flat contacts (curved 89.6°) and positioning aids

MQS connector

with support plate/strain relief

Card edge

with sandwich multipin connector

Special plug

with 5 flat contacts

SMD socket strip

Individually coded

Circular connector

with interlock plate and 48 mm pin length

Examples of standard plugs

Multipin connector

Triple-row, straight coded

Multipin connector

Double-row, with press-fit zone

Multipin connector

Double-row, SMD angled

Multipin connector

Single-row, horizontal

Multipin connector

Single-row, angled

Sandwich multipin connector

Single-row, straight

Multipin connector


Multipin connector

SMD Nano MQS, Pick & Place Pad