Quick and reliable: innovative fibre optics.

Innovative FOC technology is one of the highlights of our development and production portfolio focusing on industrial data communication and sensor technology. ‘Made in Germany’ precision and sustainability as well as over 90% production depth set us apart in this field as a reliable system partner with high quality standards.

Examples of fibre optics

Metal diode packs

with various ports.

F-SMA connector
Optical receiver

in D-sub housing

Fibre optic M12-S5 patch cable
Simple cleave fibre stripping tool
Fibre optic M12 transceiver
Optical wattmeter OPM1 fibre optic measuring system
Fibre optic M12 wall bushing
GOF F-ST connector
Media converter RS422 F-SMA
Optical emitter (F-SMA connector and F-ST connector)
Optical emitter and receiver F-SMA connector in DIP housing
optical emitter and receiver in the opto clamp
POF connector
USB plug RS232 interface